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Parents and family members play a vital role in talking with their students about the consequences of alcohol and other drug misuse and the culture on campus around alcohol and drug abuse.

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The Higher Education Center helps colleges and university professionals implement evidence-based prevention strategies on their campuses. The degree and availability of alcohol and drug misuse prevention resources and recovery programs varies by campus; however, it is important to know what is available for your student. We help parents and families answer these questions:

  1. Do you know how to talk to your child about alcohol and drug misuse on campus?
  2. Are you familiar with the campus resources available to your child?
  3. Does your child need intervention or recovery services while in college?

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When your child is away at school, it may seem daunting, or near impossible, to play a role in their decision to not use (or misuse) alcohol and/or drugs. The Higher Education Center will provide valuable information to help parents and families:

  1. Know what questions to ask administrators when visiting prospective colleges.
  2. Understand new research on drinking and drug use among students in college.
  3. Know the facts about alcohol and other drug misuse among college students and its impact on academic failure, health and safety issues, and other negative problems.

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Not all campuses have recovery programs; however, the collegiate recovery movement is taking the United States by storm. The positive impact of supporting students in recovery while they complete their education is finding a place on the national agenda. The Higher Education Center provides information, such as:

  1. The “do’s and don’ts” for helping your child sustain long-term recovery.
  2. Resources specific to parents/families who have a child in recovery.
  3. Tips for helping your child sustain his or her recovery while on campus.

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Conversation Guides

Conversations about alcohol and drug misuse are sometimes difficult. College is one of the most important developmental periods in your child’s life. HECAOD has created conversation guides to help you maintain open lines of communication with your new student regarding:

  1. Preventing alcohol and/or drug use or misuse
  2. Getting help
  3. Supporting recovery

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