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In Recovery

The college experience can be challenging, especially for students who are in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Talking About Recovery

If your son or daughter is in recovery, please encourage them to explore campus resources for recovery. Over 110 campuses have recovery communities on their campuses and this number continues to grow. Make sure they know that during the school selection process, your student can connect with students in recovery on the campuses of choice to explore what the culture is like. Admissions staff can help your student connect with the recovery community.

Collegiate Recovery Programs

Many campuses have established programs for students in recovery to provide a supportive environment for students to pursue their academic and professional goals while maintaining their recovery.

If you are concerned that your student may have a problem with alcohol and drug misuse, be aware of the signs of misuse. These include missing classes, change in friends, refusing to talk with you or not taking your calls or answering texts, changes in appearance, and changes in social activities. Stay involved in your student’s life; do not blame them for their addiction but rather find them help. Get assistance from other parents who have students in recovery, contact the collegiate recovery community at your student’s institution, or contact their counseling center.

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