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Get the facts for preventing prescription medication misuse.

We Are “Generation Rx”

College students have grown-up in a culture in which the use of prescription drugs is normalized — we use about 4 billion prescriptions each year in the U.S.! We are one of only two developed countries that allows prescription drug ads to be shown on television. We expect quick fixes, and we often turn to medications for help. The “pharmaceuticalization” of our society has benefits, as we are sometimes living happier and healthier lives because of these medications, but any medication can produce adverse effects, particularly when misused, and college students are at a vulnerable age for starting to misuse prescription medications. Here are a few suggestions for helping your family avoid the problems which can follow the misuse of prescription drugs:

  1. Talk to your family members about the potential dangers of misusing prescription drugs.
  2. Model safe medication-taking practices to those around you.
  3. Only use medications as prescribed for YOU by a healthcare professional, and don’t share your prescription drugs with others.
  4. Securely store medications to prevent others from having access to  them.
  5. Properly dispose of medications when you no longer need them.

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