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Get Involved on Your Campus

It is important to take advantage of the college environment while you are a student. One way to get involved is to promote positive alcohol and drug behaviors on your campus to support your fellow students.

Remember Why You’re Here

Okay, so maybe “going out” was one of the things you were looking forward to when you enrolled in college, but that certainly wasn’t the only reason. College might become the most exciting part in your life so far, not so much because of the partying you choose to do, but because of the people you meet, the clubs you join and the opportunities you take advantage of. Remind yourself what your tuition is paying for – it is the lifelong skill set, education and network that college provides. Getting involved and building relationships with like-minded people is one way to keep yourself on track, and your education the #1 priority.

A few options you can explore are to:

  • Join a campus and community coalition or a campus task force to make their voices heard among these groups that are addressing alcohol use and related problems on campus and in the community.
  • Become a Peer Educator to work directly with their fellow students on helping them to make healthy choices.
  • Get involved in a student organization planning alcohol-free events on weekends.
  • Volunteer for your campus health center or wellness center in an effort to reduce risky drug and alcohol use on campus.
  • Become a member of a Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) on your campus if you are in recovery from addiction.

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