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Start a Student Recovery Organization

It is becoming easier to start and sustain your own campus recovery organization, helping students to identify with their peers in recovery and providing them with the support they need to maintain their recovery.

Get Started

If your school does not have a collegiate recovery program, you can always start a student organization dedicated to recovery. Many schools’ collegiate recovery programs grew from the great work that students did in their recovery student organizations. Texas Tech University has the Association of Students About Service, the University of Michigan’s Students for Recovery, University of California Riverside’s Healing Highlanders, and George Washington University’s GW Students for Recovery are all great examples of student organizations focused on recovery.

Check with your university for the specific guidelines on your campus. A few general suggestions that we make are:

  • Identify a group of students in recovery committed to your vision
  • Identify faculty who will support your organization in an advisor role, as advocates, or as champions of recovery. Colleges of Human Science, Social Work, Sociology, and other fields that produce helping professionals are a good place to start searching for faculty support.
  • Plan recovery meetings, social events, and other activities that will attract recovering students.

The Higher Education Center is also able to offer a host of services for your campus to develop recovery supports. General education on addiction and recovery, building partnerships with the community to support recovering students, technical assistance on implementing and sustaining a collegiate recovery program, public speaking, and much more! Contact us for more information.

Support for your recovery on campus can come in many different forms. Often students in recovery look for a community of like-minded students and other students recovering from substance use disorders.

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