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The Higher Education Center leadership brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to substance misuse and abuse prevention and recovery support for college students. Get to know the people behind fulfilling our mission.

Our Leaders

Jim Lange, Ph.D.

Dr. Jim Lange- Director

Dr. Jim Lange comes to the Higher Education Center from San Diego State University, where he remains the Coordinator of Alcohol and Other Drug Initiatives.  His expertise in campus prevention efforts is based upon over 16 years at SDSU, and over 20 years of prolific research in the field of AOD prevention.  He’s credited with over 60 peer-reviewed publications, and over 120 conference presentations.  Dr. Lange has also spearheaded statewide and local coalitions and major prevention initiatives.  He’s served the collegiate prevention field as the executive committee co-chair of The Network Addressing Collegiate Alcohol Other Drug Issues, and served as the Region IV NASPA AOD Knowledge Community Representative.

Contact Dr. Lange: lange.221@osu.edu 

Dr. Molly Downing – Associate Director

Molly Downing, Ph.D, is a Senior Lecturer in the College of Pharmacy at Ohio State University.  At Ohio State, she teaches pharmacology and other drug-related topics in a variety of courses to both undergraduate and professional pharmacy students.  Outside of the classroom, she serves within Generation Rx, a medication safety education program powered through a partnership between the Cardinal Health Foundation and The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy.  In this role, she develops content for the Generation Rx educational resources and presents live programming that educates audiences of all ages about safe medication practices in an effort to prevent prescription drug misuse.   In addition, she serves as the liaison between the College of Pharmacy and Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Drug Misuse Prevention and Recovery.  She holds a Ph.D. in pharmacology from Vanderbilt University.

Contact Dr. Downing: downing.211@osu.edu

Ahmed Hosni

Ahmed Hosni- Director of Recovery

Ahmed Hosni is the Program Manager for the Collegiate Recovery Community at The Ohio State University. His passion is advocating for and working with people in recovery and their families. Ahmed received a B.S. in Community, Family, and Addiction Sciences from Texas Tech University where he was a member of the Collegiate Recovery Program and president of the Association of Students About Service. He received his MSW from The Ohio State University. Ahmed is a young person in long-term recovery since 2007. He is committed to helping implement frameworks that allow all people access to the necessary resources to garner sustainable and enriching long-term recovery.

Contact Ahmed Hosni: hosni.2@osu.edu

Cindy Clouner- Managing Director

Cindy Clouner joined the Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Drug Misuse Prevention and Recovery in January of 2015.  Prior to this position, Cindy spent eight years coordinating school and community based prevention in Ohio.  She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Social Work from Bowling Green State University and her Master of Public Health from The Ohio State University.  She is a licensed social worker and an Ohio Certified Prevention Specialist.

Contact Cindy Clouner: clouner.2@osu.edu

Logan Davis- Outreach and Engagement Manager

Logan joined the Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Drug Misuse Prevention and Recovery in January of 2019. Prior to joining the Center Logan worked at Delta Gamma Executive Offices overseeing the organizations prevention education. Logan obtained his Bachelor of Arts from Murray State University and his Master of Arts in Higher Education from Louisiana State University.

Contact Logan Davis: davis.5966@osu.edu

Anthony K. Gonzalez – HEC Program Coordinator

Anthony came on board with the Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Drug Misuse Prevention and Recovery in May of 2018 as a MSW student and moved into the HEC Program Coordinator role in September of 2019. His previous experience includes work with the OSU TBI Network and volunteering at local organizations like Gladden food pantry & SafePoint. Anthony obtained his Bachelor of Arts from Kent State University and his Master of Social Work from the Ohio State University.

Contact Anthony K. Gonzalez: gonzalez.667@osu.edu

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