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Associations between young adults’ reported exposure to e-cigarette marketing and use

As use of e-cigarettes increases among young adults, research must be done to understand motivations to initiate use as well as exposure to these substances. A recent study aimed to examine associations between self-reported exposure to e-cigarette marketing and use among young adults.

In this study, data from The Marketing and Promotions Across Colleges’ in Texas Project was used to examine connections between exposure to tobacco marketing and use of products among young adults college students. The surveys collecting this data took place every six months for two years and included self-reported measures of exposure to tobacco marketing and use of e-cigarettes.

The results indicated that exposure to e-cigarette marketing predicted use of e-cigarettes during each subsequent survey. E-cigarette users were more likely to report marketing than non-users, however the impact of marketing was seen even when controlling for prior e-cigarette use. These results show the strong impact that marketing can have on young adults and the potential danger of this impact, as they may not be educated on the risks of nicotine use.

Take Away: Young adult college students who self-reported exposure to e-cigarette marketing were more likely to initiate use of e-cigarette products than those who were not.

Kreitzberg, D.S., Pasch, K.E., Marti, C.N., Loukas, A., Perry, C.L. (2019). Bi-Directional Associations Between Young Adults’ Reported Exposure to E-cigarette Marketing and E-cigarette use. Addiction. doi.org/10.1111/add.14710.

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