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The Higher Education Center is taking evidence-based tools and resources and making them adaptable, adoptable and sustainable for your campus to prevent alcohol misuse.

Effective Campus Policies

Universities can implement certain policies and practices to reduce alcohol-related problems on campus and in the surrounding community. A sampling of these policies include:

  • Implementing clear policies and penalties prohibiting alcohol use on campus by underage students;
  • Prohibiting large sources of alcohol, such as kegs, in residence halls and at tailgating events and restricting the time tailgating is permitted;
  • Holding students accountable within the campus judicial system for off-campus arrests or convictions;
  • Notifying parents of underage students who violate the campus alcohol policy;
  • Requiring alcohol education for students who violate the alcohol policy, and subsequent penalties for multiple violations such as parental notification, meeting with a campus substance abuse counselor, probation, and ultimately, suspension; and
  • Limiting alcohol and/or requiring third-party alcohol servers at fraternity social events

A combination of effective, consistently enforced state, community, and campus policies and practices will help decrease alcohol-related problems and create a more safe and healthy living and learning environment for students.

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