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Support a Campus Recovery Program

There are a number of resources available to help support your campus collegiate recovery program.

Support Makes a Difference

The Association of Recovery in Higher Education (ARHE) is the only national association exclusively representing collegiate recovery programs (CRP) and communities (CRC), the faculty and staff who support them and the students who represent them. The Association of Recovery in Higher Education network of professionals, administrators, faculty, staff, students, parents and policy makers that provides the education, resources and community connection needed to help change the trajectory of recovering students’ lives.

There is a rich community of collegiate recovery professionals and resources available to help you support your CRP. There are multiple conferences throughout the year dedicated to collegiate recovery as well as a free publication, Recovery Campus magazine. We encourage you to attend collegiate recovery conferences to network with other professionals as well as sign up to receive Recovery Campus magazine

Transforming Youth Recovery, which was created by The Stacie Mathewson Foundation, supports educators, parents and community members in helping students in recovery thrive in the fullness of everyday life. Their vision is to transform youth recovery—one community, one school, one student at a time.

There are many ways to support your students in, or seeking, recovery. The levels of support that your campus can provide will vary. Some of these include:

Forming a student organization;

Designating a staff person to work solely with this community;

Offering space for students to hold recovery support meetings;

Putting a system in place to identify and link these students with the appropriate resources to help them stay in school and graduate while supporting their recovery

Sustaining collegiate recovery programs can be challenging, but the Higher Education Center can connect you to resources that can help your initiative be successful in the long-term.

Sustain a Campus Recovery Program

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