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Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) is an evidence-based practice used to detect individuals at risk for alcohol and other drug misuse. The intervention consists of questions used to identify problematic use, misuse, and dependence.

Three Components

SBIRT consists of three components:

  1. Screening—a trained healthcare professional or counselor uses a standardized screening tool to assess patients for high-risk substance use behaviors.
  2. Brief Intervention—the trained professional provides feedback to the patient on risky alcohol and drug use behaviors.
  3. Referral to Treatment—if necessary, the healthcare professional provides a referral to treatment for patients who require additional services.

One of the goals of the Higher Education Center is to make SBIRT accessible for use on college and university campuses nationwide. To meet this goal HECAOD has developed ScreenU, a web-based program that allows SBIRT to be implemented with college students either independently or in partnership with a campus professional. ScreenU  identifies students who are misusing alcohol or prescription drugs and provides feedback and strategies to reduce their risk for experiencing negative consequences from their use.

ScreenU Alcohol

The underage and excessive use of alcohol creates a widespread public health and safety problem for college students and the surrounding community. ScreenU Alcohol consists of questions used to identify problematic alcohol use and dependence and provides behavior change recommendations and resources for prevention, treatment and recovery.

ScreenU Alcohol

ScreenU Marijuana

ScreenU Marijuana identifies students who are not only at risk for developing a cannabis use disorder but also recognizes those at risk for experiencing other negative consequences from marijuana use. It provides brief education to combat misperceptions around marijuana use, in addition to connecting students with valuable resources to support healthy choices.

ScreenU Marijuana

ScreenU Rx

Prevention of prescription drug misuse on college campuses can be a challenge without the right resources and support. ScreenU Rx uses a unique screening tool to identify students engaging in the misuse of prescription drugs and provides them with recommendations and resources that supports students in using medications safely.

ScreenU Rx

Get Our Help

SBIRT is an evidence-based tool that many campuses use with their students to identify risky behavior, provide brief interventions, or refer students for professional help.  ScreenU can makes the implementation of SBIRT on campus easy.

HECAOD is available to help your campus implement ScreenU.

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