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College students’ reasons for using e-cigarette products

Previous research has shown that use of e-cigarette products has significantly increased among college students in the past decade. A new study investigated college students’ reasons for using particular e-cigarette devices.

In this study, college students completed a survey on their use of conventional and electronic cigarettes. They were also asked open-ended questions on their reasons for using e-cigarettes.

The results indicated that 77% of the participants had used a regular cigarette in their lifetime, and 26% had in the past 30 days. 16.6% of the participants reported using an e-cigarette in the past 30 days. As far as different types of e-cigarettes, there were no differences in age and choosing particular products. More males chose to use cigalikes compared to females. Interestingly, over 83% of those who reported using an e-cigarette in the past month had tried a vape pen, while 23% of vape pen users had never tried a traditional cigarette.

The students had varying reasons for using e-cigarettes, and the most common reason was curiosity, followed by peer pressure, recreation, and flavors. Devices such as cigalikes, eGos and Mods were common among those who had used cigarettes and wanted to quit. These two motivations to try e-cigarette products indicate that college campuses should promote proven methods to those seeking to quit using nicotine as well as address student curiosity on e-cigarettes.

Take Away: Students reported using e-cigarettes because of curiosity, peer pressure, and flavors. Students who opted to use cigalikes, eGos, and mods were specifically motivated to do so to quit using traditional cigarettes. These factors can help shape future e-cigarette prevention efforts of college campuses.

Luzius, A., Dobbs., P.D., Jozkowski, K.N. College students’ reasons for using different e-cigarette products: A mixed methods analysis. Journal of American College Health. doi.org/10.1080/07448481.2019.1618313.

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