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Recovery Ally Trainer of Trainers

Presented by Ahmed Hosni

Recovery is Spoken Here


Ahmed Hosni will prepare faculty, staff, and/or students to deliver the Recovery is Spoken Here (RISH) recovery ally training on your campus. Once trained, your campus will have all the materials needed to deliver a 60 minute training designed to decrease the stigma around substance use disorders and increase support for students in or seeking long-term recovery. Geared for faculty and staff, RISH provides a high level overview of addiction and recovery and what it can look like on campus, an overview of recovery friendly language and the importance language plays in regards to stigma, and how they can serve as an ally to their students in recovery.

October 15th from 1 - 4 p.m.

Cost: $150

Includes training and curriculum

Ahmed Hosni

Ahmed Hosni is the Program Manager for the Collegiate Recovery Community at The Ohio State University. His passion is advocating for and working with people in recovery and their families. Ahmed received a B.S. in Community, Family, and Addiction Sciences from Texas Tech University where he was a member of the Collegiate Recovery Program and president of the Association of Students About Service. He is currently pursuing his Master of Social Work at Ohio State.  Ahmed is a young person in long-term recovery since 2007. He is committed to helping implement frameworks that allow all people access to the necessary resources to garner sustainable and enriching long-term recovery.

Motivational Interviewing: Using the Science of MI For Conversations That Work

Presented by Mary Jane Rogan

“If they would only…stop drinking/smoking, go to class, study more”


How often do you feel frustrated when talking with your students about lifestyle or behavior? How interested are you in learning effective techniques for improving student outcomes? With MI, you can strategically guide a conversation so the student hears themselves talk about possibilities and advantages of change. Research shows that very brief MI-based interactions can boost positive outcomes in relation to substance use and many lifestyle choices. Ms. Rogan will teach, demonstrate and lead interactive opportunities so you can help your students find the motivation to make changes or connect with campus resources.

October 15th from 1 - 4 p.m.

Cost: $50

Space is Limited!

Attendees of this session will be able to:
1. Identify 4 key microskills for effectively engaging with students.
2. Describe 3 major roadblocks and how to avoid them.
3. Apply a guiding style to assist students with making changes and accepting referrals.
Ms. Rogan is a Nurse Practitioner with extensive experience in clinical application of Motivational Interviewing related to alcohol and marijuana with college students. She is a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers and also holds a Certificate in Addiction Counseling. Ms. Rogan has facilitated numerous trainings related to MI in higher education and health care.

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