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Join the College Prescription Drug Study!

Are you and your campus interested in understanding more about prescription drug misuse on your campus?  If this topic interests you, The Ohio State University’s Center for the Study of Student Life (CSSL) would like to encourage you to participate in the College Prescription Drug Study (CPDS), a multi-institutional survey of undergraduate, graduate and professional students that examines the non-medical use of prescription drugs, including the reasons for and consequences of use, access to prescription drugs and perceptions of use among students.

Participation is FREE. Up to 50 schools will be recruited to participate. The study will be administered during spring semester 2018, but if your campus wants to participate, you need to sign up by October 1!

Each participating institution will receive an institutional report on your campus’ CPDS findings and an overall report of the national findings. You will also have the option to receive an anonymous student-level data file if your institution gains approval from your Institutional Review Board.

Want more information? Check out our website (link here) for more information about the study and the survey instrument.

If you would like to sign up, please do so at http://go.osu.edu/cpds-signup. Reserve your spot soon!

Have questions about the study and your campus’ participation? Email at rxstudy@osu.edu or call 614-688-3547 to speak with a representative from CSSL.

OSU looks forward to working with your campus to understand the non-medical use of prescription drugs among college students.

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