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New Partnership Funds Grant to Educate and Research Misuse of Prescription Drugs Among College Students

Zeta Tau Alpha providing $50,000 to Generation Rx and the Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Drug Misuse Prevention and Recovery


INDIANAPOLIS — A partnership between Zeta Tau Alpha, Generation Rx and the Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Drug Misuse Prevention and Recovery has been solidified to support collegiate educational efforts toward instilling safe medication practices among students.

Provided by the ZTA Foundation, the $50,000 grant supports the dissemination and use of “Generation Rx University” educational resources through campus student wellness offices or other campus groups with a goal to educate undergraduates about safe medication practices. It also supports specific programming to prevent stimulant and opioid misuse. This is facilitated by the Higher Education Center, which also provides technical assistance relating to the use of these resources.

“ZTA is excited for this opportunity with a new higher education partner,” said Meghan Parker, executive director for Zeta Tau Alpha. “By funding multi-year educational initiatives and research in the area of prescription drug use among college students, we hope to not only assist those students in need of support and recovery, but to also better understand the issues surrounding the current abuse.”

The annual funding will be used in two ways: $5,000 to fund five implementation grants each year; and $5,000 to support the Higher Education Center’s administration of the partnership, including the development and processing of evaluations, project monitoring, and collection of metrics.

Grant proposals will be accepted from student wellness offices, or other campus groups, with the following stipulations:

– A pre-determined number of programs with a required number of participants must be offered using the “Generation Rx University” resources.


– Evaluation surveys must be completed by project coordinators and participating students. Surveys will be provided by the Higher Education Center to collect data on user perspectives relating to the Generation Rx University materials and increase in participant knowledge.


– A final project report must be submitted at the end of the budgeted year summarizing the project, outlining the use of funds, and delineating the number of programs offered and number of students attending.


The Higher Education Center will provide support to the Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation in the development of this initiative. It will also administer the implementation grant process and offer technical assistance to Zeta Tau Alpha chapters in the use of Generation Rx University resources, as well as campus organizations receiving implementation grant funding.

“Generation Rx and the Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Drug Misuse Prevention and Recovery are thrilled to engage with Zeta Tau Alpha on this important project,” said Kenneth Hale, RPh, PhD, co-director of Generation Rx and clinical professor in the College of Pharmacy at The Ohio State University. “Prescription drug misuse can lead to myriad health, legal and social concerns, and young adults are at a vulnerable age when this misuse often starts. We look forward to using this partnership to promote “safe medication practices for life.”


Dr. Ken Hale, Generation Rx, hale.3@osu.edu
Cindy Clouner, Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Drug Misuse Prevention and Recovery, clouner.2@osu.edu
Kyle Pendleton, Zeta Tau Alpha, kap@zetataualpha.org

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