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Collegiate Recovery with Daniel Fred

Higher Education Center
Higher Education Center
Collegiate Recovery with Daniel Fred

Disclaimer: This podcast does not necessarily represent the views, positions or opinions of the Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Drug Misuse Prevention and Recovery or The Ohio State University.

Welcome to the latest edition of the HECAOD podcast!

This episode is hosted by Sarah Nerad, Program Manager for the Ohio State Collegiate Recovery Community and Director of Recovery at the Higher Ed Center. Sarah’s guest is Daniel Fred, the former Director of Recovery Programs and National Outreach of Transforming Youth Recovery. Daniel also presented at our 2016 National Meeting!

Daniel’s presentation entitled, “Squad Goals: Maintaining Culture of Support in the Changing Landscape of Collegiate Recovery,” is available for download here!

Please join Sarah and Daniel as they discuss his personal and professional journey with collegiate recovery and the work of TYR!

Podcast Guest: Daniel Fred

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