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Jeremy’s Legacy and Implications for Prescription Drug Misuse Prevention on Campus Part II

Disclaimer: This podcast does not necessarily represent the views, positions or opinions of the Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Drug Misuse Prevention and Recovery or The Ohio State University.

Welcome to the latest edition of the HECAOD podcast!

This episode is the second of a two-part conversation hosted by Dr. Kenneth Hale, clinical professor with the Ohio State College of Pharmacy, co-director of the Generation RX Initiative, and associate director of the Higher Ed Center. Dr. Hale’s guest is Dr. Janie Kritzman, a clinical and developmental psychologist currently in private practice in Medford, Massachusetts.

Dr. Kritzman is a clinical and developmental psychologist currently working in private practice. She has a very interesting academic training background, including baccalaureate studies at the University of Wisconsin, and graduate work at Columbia and the University of Massachusetts. Dr. Kritzman’s son, Jeremy, tragically died from an unintentional drug overdose in 2007 when he was an undergraduate college student, and she has subsequently spent a great deal of time learning about the chemical culture on our campuses and how we might change that culture to keep our students safe. In 2008, Janie and her husband, Lawrence, along with a founding committee including individuals involved in healthcare, social work, academics, alcohol and drug education, and student services, established the Jeremy S. Kritzman Initiative to challenge cultural assumptions relating to the use of drugs and alcohol by young people as a recreational rite of passage.

Please join Dr. Hale and Dr. Kritzman as they discuss the life of her son Jeremy, prescription medication, and a variety of topics that address the growing opioid epidemic in the nation.

Podcast Guest: Dr. Janie Kritzman

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Jeffrey Levy
Jeffrey Levy

I do not wish to appear insensitive, nor do I want to upset a grieving parent, but as a parent of a victim I too have focused a great deal of effort on how to prevent these tragedies and I think it important to distinguish what we are talking about when we say mis-use of drugs. It seems to me there is a world of difference in addressing a student who mistakenly overdoses when trying to treat a medical condition and one who overdoses while recreationally ingesting drugs to get high. In the first instance, focus on improvement of prescription… Read more »

Janie Kritzman
Janie Kritzman

Dear Jeffrey Levy, My condolences to you and your family and thank you for a thoughtful response. I think the prescription drug epidemic is often blurring the lines between abuse and misuse. Of course there are many circumstances which lead to these tragedies and all should be investigated,but institutions don’t usually and they could. That would help us develop better prevention. I am not sure I agree with you about education changing young people’s behavior around recreational drug activity if it were to begin with biology class in elementary school. I notice with the college students I work with, they… Read more »

Janie Kritzman
Janie Kritzman

Dear Jeffrey, My condolences to you and your family and thanks for your comments. I can understand your separation between recreational drug use and prescription drug misuse although during late adolescence/young adulthood the lines in a college community are blurred, not only by young people but by the community entirely. There is lack of ample education then and years before and with all the knowledge we now have via addiction science there is a lot we all could learn. If the lessons were not just about “saying no,” but in a more sophisticated conceptual framework we might make some headway.… Read more »

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