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NRM: A Student in Recovery

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Higher Education Center
NRM: A Student in Recovery


Welcome to the latest edition of the HECAOD podcast!

Today’s episode, which is our last episode dedicated to National Recovery Month, is hosted by Ahmed Hosni, Program Coordinator for the Collegiate Recovery Community at The Ohio State University. Ahmed’s guest is Gregory Dagner, a student at Michigan State University and a member of their Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC).

Ahmed received a B.S. in Community, Family, and Addiction Services from Texas Tech University in 2013 and is responsible for on campus outreach and engagement, providing direct student support.

Dagner is a student in recovery and currently works in Student Health Services and Health Promotion with Michigan State’s CRC.

Please join Mr. Hosni and Mr. Dagner as they discuss Gregory’s journey through recovery and the impact of the CRC on his life.

Podcast Guest: Gregory Dagner

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