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Race- and University-Specific Norms Associated with Alcohol Use Among Black College Students

Alcohol use disorder has been diagnosed in 18.8% of White and 9.7% of Black college-aged young adults during the past year. Past studies have demonstrated that although White individuals report more use of alcohol compared to other races, Black individuals are most affected by alcohol-related consequences. In addition, Black individuals tend to drink more and experience more alcohol related consequences as they move through adulthood while White individuals tend to mature out of heavy drinking. Understanding drinking motives and approval of drinking behaviors aids in the development of alcohol and drug use prevention programs. This study examines the influence of perceived drinking norms and drinking approval on alcohol use among Black college students.  

The study’s sample consisted of 192 Black college students from a large southeastern US university. The Daily Drinking Questionnaire was used to assess average number of drinks per week. The Drinking Norms Rating Form assessed descriptive norms of alcohol use among peers and the Injunctive Drinking Behavior Scale was used to assess peer approval of drinking behaviors. Participants were also asked how likely they were to drink excessively when with other Black students. Data was analyzed using a zero-inflated negative binomial regression analysis.  

Results of the data analysis showed that those who were older were more likely to report drinking during a typical week. Among those who reported drinking, perceived drinking norms were significantly associated with greater drinks per week. Injunctive norms (approval) were not significantly associated with drinks per week. Lastly, 45% of respondents reported their likelihood of drinking excessively with other Black students as moderate, high, or extremely high.  

Takeaway: Perceived drinking norms may impact alcohol consumption behaviors among Black college students.  

Fortson, K., Metzger, I., Leone, R.M., Lopez, C., Gilmore, A.K.. Race-and University-Specific Norms Associated with Alcohol Use among Black College Students. Addictive Behaviors. 2022;107487. Doi: 10.1016/j.addbeh.2022.107487 

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