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Learn more about each of our available learning collaboratives, including our latest series on prescription drug misuse prevention.

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Learning collaboratives are a series of web-based trainings on a specific topic.  Each series is available for $100 and provides institutional access to live webinars during the current session and archived recordings to all completed webinars.  Gain free access to learning collaboratives by purchasing an individual or campus membership.

Featured Learning Collaborative

Prescription Drug Learning Collaborative

The RxLC is now live!  Join today to participate in the following live webinars:

Why is Collegiate Prescription Drug Misuse Prevention Necessary? | January 30

The Collegian’s Medication Experience | February 15

The Opioid Epidemic | March 1

Prescription Stimulants and the College Student | March 15

Public Policy Measures Relating to Prescription Drugs on Campus | March 29

A Plan for Action and Resources for the Collegiate Community | April 12


Past Learning Collaboratives

These LCs may be complete, but you can still view them!  Purchase one or all to view the archived recordings of the sessions below on our member portal.

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Recovery Learning Collaborative

College Recovery Programs 101

Built to Last: Change Leadership in Higher Education

Promoting Diversity within Collegiate Recovery Programs

Multiple Perspectives on Co-Occurring Disorders in Collegiate Recovery: Implications & Strategies

Recovery Housing: What You Need To Know

What Does it Take to Have a Healthy Collegiate Recovery Program?

Cannabis Learning Collaborative

Cannabis and the Adolescent Brain: What Does the Evidence Say?

Not Your Parent’s Marijuana: Changing Trends in Marijuana Use

Colleges within Legalizing States: What Stays and What Must Change

Blunt Talk: Addressing the Myths of Marijuana with Collegiate Student-Athletes

Brief Interventions For Marijuana: Applying Motivational Interviewing Strategies

Cannabis Use Disorders: Using Evidence Based Interventions To Engage Students in Reducing Harmful Cannabis Use or Enter Recovery

Exploring the Changing Landscape of Marijuana Prevention and Education

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