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U.S. Drug Czar Michael Botticelli Visits HECAOD!

The Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Drug Misuse Prevention and Recovery (HECAOD) recently hosted U.S. Drug Czar and Director, Office of National Drug Control Policy, Michael Botticelli.

Director Botticelli visited with HECAOD staff to discuss collegiate substance misuse prevention and recovery, and how the recently opened Higher Education Center can best support colleges and universities nationwide.

CSW_Botticelli_02CSW_Botticelli_06 CSW_Botticelli_05Director Botticelli discussed the current efforts of the Office of National Drug Control Policy and heard from HECAOD staff members as they discussed current issues in the field of collegiate AOD prevention.

Director Botticelli stressed the need and importance for continued work on college and university campuses, and expressed his excitement for increasing services to students:

“We know that what happens here [in college] can set a lifetime of patterns…really focusing on prevention, intervention issues, providing good treatment, and what’s most exciting; recovery support within a college campus”

Botticelli went on to highlight the role of HECAOD – “the work of the Higher Education Center in promoting this work and raising awareness across college campuses nationwide is incredibly important work and it was really thrilling to be here today to hear about how our office can continue to support their [HECAOD’s] work”


CSW_Botticelli_03 CSW_Botticelli_10

(Director Botticelli speaking with HECAOD Director, John Clapp, PhD)

CSW_Botticelli_20 CSW_Botticelli_14

(HECAOD Associate Director Ken Hale, RPh, PhD, discusses collegiate prescription drug misuse prevention)


Click here to watch a short video of Director Botticelli’s visit to HECAOD!


CSW_Botticelli_13 CSW_Botticelli_01

A huge HECAOD thanks to Director Botticelli and ONDCP staff for taking their time to meet with us!

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